Character Rigger TD

Sofia, Bulgaria
Reports to:
Head of 3D

Job Summary

The process of giving a character controls for movement, therein "articulating" its ranges of motion. We like to think of it as bringing the character to life.

Major Duties

A Character Rigger is responsible for working with Art Designers and Animators to realize a character in digital form. This includes both shaping the character's 3D geometry and the delivery of a well-designed set of animation controls for manipulating that geometry.


1. A good understanding of 3D computer graphics theory and practice.
2. A basic understanding of composition, physical motion, weight, balance, texture and form.
3. Strong programming skills.
4. Education in computer science, mathematics, physics, architecture, or engineering preferred.
5. Experience with film, games, or other graphics production experience preferred.

Performance metrics

1. Good written and verbal communication skills are required. 2. Must be able to work alone and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under deadline pressure.
3. Smart, driven and adaptable.
4. Team oriented.