At Worldwide FX, all of our artists are connected in a network — online in real time — so that 3D Animation, 2D Compositing, Matte Painting, Character animation, and Motion Capture can work together, designing each element, layer, and image into a perfect flawless shot.

3D Animation

In the cinematic digital world where anything is possible, it’s the 3D conceptual design that our artists produce in order to reach a point where the shot is indistinguishable from real action captured on film. Each 3D shot is completed meticulously by following a well-thought out and carefully charted process. High-impact, cutting edge 3D animation that we at Worldwide FX create can add superb lifelike ambiance to your visual product.

2D Compositing

Creating an illusion through compositing visual elements from separate sources into single images in one seamless shot is the artistry of our compositing team. In the cinematic worlds of today, distant future and ancient past Worldwide FX’s compositing team is proved to deliver world class quality

Character Animation

Acting with a pencil and a mouse our character animators breathe life in their characters, creating the illusion of thought, emotion and personality. Worldwide FX’s CA team is gifted in delivering clients exceptional quality service.

Motion Capture

At our high-end studio, we can bring any CG character to life, using actual human movement. By recording real actors, we create natural and believable 3D animations for films, games, and commercials. Our virtual production workflow allows directors to see the motion transferred to their model in real-time and have creative control from the start. Latest generation cameras and a wide shooting volume create endless possibilities for complex scenes with multiple characters and props that would otherwise take months to animate.

Previsualization and Animatics

We are helping you to explore your visual pacing, flow, and perspective of your story by breaking it down into concrete visual moments. It is our artistry to deliver filmmakers the first look of camera framing, shot blocking, camera moves, lighting, and even color choices for each moment in the film. Worldwide FX superb pre viz and animatics team deliver rough, but cohesive, visual framework for the film, helping the production team focus, while giving them something tangible to discuss, troubleshoot, and build upon as they move forward.

Digital Matte Painting

Worldwide FX provides Digital Matte Painting as a faster cost-effective solution to set design, miniature model design and 3D virtual sets. Our Digital Matte Painters are true masters in bringing ambitious concepts to life and are able to help substantiate virtually any idea.

Worldwide FX is working across projects end to end without quality compromise using cutting-edge toolkits covering VFX, editorial and finishing across solutions that deliver unparalleled speed, functionality and collaboration possibilities such as: