How Worldwide FX Did It?

March 26, 2013

The VFX breakdown for Olympus Has Fallen action flick is already here. Filming began in Shreveport, Louisiana, in mid-July 2012. Because Olympus Has Fallen was filmed so far from its actual setting of Washington, D.C., the entire production relied heavily upon visual effects, particularly computer-generated imagery. For example, computers created nearly all of the opening sequence in which the First Lady is killed in a car accident, with chroma key green screen technology used to composite the actors into the computer-generated snowy scenery.

For scenes where actors walked in or out of the White House, a first-floor facade and entrance were built; computers added the second floor, roof, and downtown D.C. cityscape.[18] Action scenes with the White House in the background were filmed in open fields and the White House and D.C. were added in post-production.