Love Is…

February 14, 2017

When it comes to love here at Worldwide FX we cannot have enough of it! It is always in the air. Because we love our job of course!
So today we asked a few of our colleagues to finish the sentence “Love is…”.
Here is what they said:

…to surrender yourself in the name of your fellow.
Ivo Konsulov – Head of 3D Layout Department

…a sea.
Violina Hristova – 2D Compositor

…what you feel when you take out your heart and let it walk alone in the streets.
Yasen Pisarov – 3D Layout Artist

Svetoslav Ganchev – Head of 3D Lighting Department

…strength, inspiration, dedication.
Mihaela Todorova – Project Coordinator

…a long road strewn with thorns and sharp stones, that everyone walks alone.
Stanislav Dragiev – Visual Effects Supervisor

…fountain of happiness, where other’s happiness melts your heart.
Milena Radeva – 3D Matchmove Artist

…the purest form of art.
Martin Georgiev – HR specialist

…the reason to forget breathing.
Nelly Kalcheva – Marketing Communication Manager

Photographs courtesy of Milena Radeva.