While in pre-production for “Rambo: Last Blood“, apart from being tasked with all the concepts, our Art team had the task to create a 3D model of a virtual set for Rambo’s complex network of underground tunnels before building it on-site.

Here is what Angel Angelov, Head of the Digital Matte Painting Department, had to share about the process:

“In the beginning, our work was based on a very rough sketch by Kess Bonet.

We built a very detailed model of the entire structure that included everything you could think of – from traps and rooms to props.

We used Unreal Engine to export it to various devices (tablet, pc, mac, and mobile devices), and thus everyone on the team, including Sylvester Stallone, had the opportunity to take a virtual “walk” and to thoroughly look around the set before it was actually built.

A lot of changes and improvements were made based on this model to reach the final 3D version of the set and then the construction itself started.

By using this method of work we prevented many possible mistakes in construction, which would otherwise be very difficult to correct if the physical decor was already built.”