Computer Space” is mostly visited by young students with an avid interest in visual arts. This is why in the last few years we don’t miss a chance to present our latest work there and to inspire the next generation of artists.

This time around Svetlin Tsonev from our Modeling and Texturing Department had the honour to stand up in front of the audience and to show what’s been going on behind the scenes of our latest projects. Behind the modelling scenes to be precise. And there is a lot there! But he focused on the details about building assets from scratch that would eventually fill a movie environment – from the smallest detail in the picture to the biggest ship out there!

“Computer Space” is an international computer art forum that gathers artists from very different areas – from 2D illustrators through VR and AR experts to VFX professionals.
The event is part of the Cultural Calendar of Sofia and is organized with the support of the Sofia Municipality, the National Student House of Ministry of Education and Science, the Austrian Embassy in Sofia.